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SB 265 A New Bill which passed in the 2019 Legislation. Click HERE for the bills full text

This bill generally revises medical marijuana laws in many ways, though main changes are untethering patients from providers and changing the provider fee and canopy structure. This bill has passed the House and Senate, as amended, and is now awaiting the Governor's signature.

Some provisions in this bill include: aligning state laboratory language with HB 598, allowing transfer and use of medical marijuana funds for peer support programs, allowing for telemedicine visits with written certification, 4% tax on gross sales (between Oct 2019 to Oct 2021, then back down to 2%), new providers licensed at either micro or tier 1 canopy to start, requiring a minimum annual fee for cardholders of $20, and requiring a dispensary location fee, based on number of registered premises.

Montana Preferred Provider stays up to date with current Montana medical marijauna laws. Here are links to the current laws I-182 and SB333. I-182 PDF SB333

DPHHS (Department of Health and Human Services)

DPHHS is Montana's Department of Health and Human services. It is where the Montana MMJ program is ran and is a good site for updated information on the law. DPHHS is also where you go to get the needed forms for the Montana Medical Marijuana program.


Click HERE to visit the DPHHS web site and click HERE for answers to frequently asked questions about the Montana Marijuana program.


Cannabis laws
Cannabis laws